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Mrs. Figueroa's Blog

September 18, 2018
By Joy Figueroa

What’s the deal with Grandparents Day….

“Marian McQuade, a West Virginia housewife, came up with the idea of setting a day aside to encourage families to visit their elderly relatives. Ms. McQuade went to her Senators, Jennings Randolph and Robert Byrd to make Grandparents Day a national holiday.

It took a while to reach the White House, but finally, in 1978 National Grandparents Day was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter.” (

The month of September was chosen for Grandparents Day as a symbol of the “autumn years” of life. It's usually celebrated the second Sunday in September.

Grandparents are such a treasure!  They have all the answers! My Grandma could always sense when something was wrong, could track down anyone you happen to be looking for and to this day she will support anything you want to do. Grandma is now 95 and today she told me she is old and tired but thinks she may go horseback riding! My Grandpa always has advice for everyone (even if you don't ask for it). He is soft spoken and so calm-natured. He's prior Marine war veteran, he's been a commercial fisherman since he was a little boy.  Even now at 94 he still goes out fishing. From my grandparents, I learned to do everything with integrity and take pride in my morals and values.

My Nanny and Poppy were my spiritual guides. When I was a little girl, they introduced me to Jesus, his word and his un-measurable, amazing love. Even though  I only had my Nanny and Poppy for a short time, their impact on my life still lives on and I miss them terribly.

As a mom, I see my parents as grandparents to my girls and all I can say is WOW!  They have such a strong bond and such a sweet relationship and friendship!  At Faith, we see this bond with our students whenever grandma picks them up from school or is at one of our school functions.  The little ones have a smile from ear to ear when one of their grandparents comes to school.

Grandparents are role models, mentors and friends.  We are looking forward to celebrating all of our FCS Grandparents this Grandparents Day!

Many blessings,

Mrs. Figueroa

Mr. Freberg's Blog

August 31, 2018
By David Freberg

Where did the summer go?  I blinked and the summer was gone!  I vaguely remember a couple of events that happened because I have pictures, but it is still a blur.  Now that school has started once again, I have to get used to the new routine.  I have to get up earlier, drink more coffee, and dream of naps more. I should go to bed earlier to help alleviate that problem, but I don’t.  There are more people around during the school year than during the summer which wears me out as an introvert.  

You may be feeling or seeing some of the same things at your house.  Here are a few ideas that may help you get back into the swing of things.

Create a new routine.  Summer months typically are more relaxed than school times.  If that is the case at your house, you may want to consider keeping this new schedule, or at least close to the same schedule, for your weekends.  This could also make Monday mornings less difficult.
Have regular meal times.  As part of your new routine, either continue or start having a regular time for meals.  This is a great time to catch up on the day and find out what needs to be done that evening.  It also helps bring the family together.
Find a place for everything.  Good organizational skills make for a more peaceful home.  It reduces stress, especially in the morning when you are trying to get out the door, and builds lifelong skills.
Create a family calendar.  Life is busy.  School activities just add to the busyness.  Having a family calendar where everyone can see it helps everyone know what is coming up, and what dates are open.
Communicate early and often.  With all the additional busyness, you may not have as much time to talk with each other.  Make sure you add some time in your schedule (see create a family calendar and have regular meal times) to be a family.  Plan some time to do things together and have fun.  Make sure to include time to keep your relationship with God close and strong.

This point also means to open lines of communication with your child(ren)’s teacher(s).  If things go well, you should be getting some positive feedback from the teachers.  If the teacher has not reached out to you, stop by the classroom or send them an email to introduce yourself and start a beautiful friendship.

Obviously, this is not an all-inclusive list, but one or two of these ideas may help your family.  If you have other ideas, share them with someone who you see is struggling.  We are all in this together.

David Freberg

Mr. Freberg's Blog

June 06, 2018
By David Freberg

Blog #11 - Spiritual Son-tan - 

I enjoy walking on the beach with my wife, especially in the evening.  The smell of the ocean breeze is restorative, the sand on my feet is soothing, and the sound of the waves is intoxicating.  These times make for great memories and a great time of connecting with my favorite person.

Sometimes we just pick up and head to the beach for a quick walk.  There are times we want to spend more time there or have more people with us.  At those times, we have to plan for the trip. We need to pull out the checklist to make sure we are not forgetting anything.  Sunscreen-check, towel-check, goggles-check, beach toys-check, umbrella-check, beach bag for all the stuff-check, bottle of water to wash sand off feet-check, rubber duckie-check.

There are other preparations to make, too.  Are we going to bring food to eat at the beach or are we going to eat out?  How much time do we have to spend at the beach with travel time? Are we going to stop for ice cream after the beach?   

During the summer, make sure you are getting a spiritual Son-tan.  Be sure to set aside time to pray for your family, your pastor, your government leaders, for wisdom, and for Faith Christian School.  Set aside time to get into God’s Word to find out how you should serve our God and Father. “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin” (1 John 1:7).  No sunscreen required.

Keep reflecting faith!

In Christ,



Mr. Freberg's Blog

May 14, 2018
By David Freberg

Blog #10 - 
Spring Cleaning

It may take me a few weeks to feel mentally and physically ready to tackle cleaning the garage.   Things have been thrown in there over the winter with the intention of finding a place for it, but what is in the garage is put on the back burner or forgotten.  Once I have decided to tackle the project, I need to clear a whole day and gather the right storage containers and have enough space in the garbage can to throw out all the things that I thought I needed to store but now are just going to be thrown away.  

While I’m cleaning out the garage, I often find things that I had forgotten I had.  Does that ever happen to you?  I spend a few minutes looking at it or reminiscing about it before I need to get back to work if I’m going to complete the project.  There are times when I need to ask my wife or neighbor to help me move something because it is either too big or too awkward for me to handle alone.  There are times when I find some unexpected things--maybe something that spoiled or even some uninvited guests (mice or bugs or other critters).  When that happens, I need to get rid of them in whatever manner works best.  After a long day, the garage is clean and organized, rid of any unwanted guests, and ready to be enjoyed.  I can rest better knowing that the job is finished.

We need to regularly clean out our spiritual garage.  The garbage of the world can clutter our lives and make things messy.  If we spend time with God daily and spend regular time in conversation with Him, He can clean up some of our junk.  Some things will require a time of fasting and praying.  Some things may require the help of others.  But in God’s Word, David makes a request, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (Psalms 51:10)  Take some time to get the junk of the world out of your spirit, so you will have more room for the things of God.

Keep reflecting faith!

In Christ,

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