You can make a difference in the lives of current and future Faith Christian School students by giving to FCS’s Annual Fund.  Your gift will assist in providing FCS with a steady stream of revenue which will be used to create and ensure financial viability for the future of Faith.


Your charitable contribution to FCS is essential to pay for some of our important programs and improvements. Your participation in the Annual Fund is an opportunity to support the children, mission, and vision of Faith Christian School while keeping future tuition as affordable as possible.


Your donation to the Annual Fund will be invested in one of the following three categories as FCS strives to remain current in educational technology while meeting the academic and financial needs of our students and parents.

Tuition Assistance

This category provides funding for families with a demonstrated financial need. The mission of FCS is to partner with families, equipping students academically and spiritual, through relationships, learning and service, to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. Therefore, we desire to enroll as many families in FCS who are committed to our mission and vision. This strategy would deliver real dollars to the operating fund as enrollment increases.



This category provides funding for expenses outside the norm that would improve our programs and services.  Expenses might include professional development, classroom technology, fine arts resources, salaries for extracurricular staff, transportation, etc. This category would allow us to purchase the extras while keeping tuition as affordable as possible.



This category ensures that the Annual Fund has an ever growing impact. The endowment portion is 10% and each gift that you provide sets aside this amount for the endowment principal.  A percentage of the interest earned would be reinvested as endowment principal, and the remaining percentage of the interest could be used toward the described above categories.This demonstrates good stewardship and is an important aspect which potential donors consider.


The "Donate Online" link provides a convenient way of online giving while allowing you to direct payments toward specific campaigns and fundraising events.


Thank you for your donation and helping us plan for the future at FCS.