Scholarship Opportunities


The Best Scholarship Search Platforms of 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Winning Scholarships

Good Call FREE Scholarship Data Base

Thousands of available scholarships

American Legion 2017/2018 Oratorical Scholarship Program

Up to $18,000
See Mrs. Todd for more details

Tuck Sleep Foundation Scholarships

State of Sleep Scholarship

Available to seniors and college students


LaserGolfRangefinder.Com Scholarship

Submission deadline December 10, 2017

Melbourne Rehab Scholarship

Submission Deadline December 28, 2017 Scholarship

Submission deadline December 31, 2017

Scholarships for those seeking degrees in Natural Resources Disciplines

Submission deadline January 31, 2018
or see Mrs. Todd for more details


Senior Homes Caregiver Scholarship

Submission deadline January 31, 2018


****SC Governor's Committee on Employment of People With Disabilities****

Journalism Contest

4 year full tuition scholarship to an SC state-supported institution
Submission deadline February 1, 2018

Fix Your Walk Scholarship

Submission Deadline March 1, 2018


Salon Scholarship

Submission deadline March 15, 2018


G9 Sleep Tight Scholarship

Submission deadline March 30, 2018

College Success Scholarship

Submission deadline April 1, 2018

AreaVibes Essay Scholarship

Submission deadline May 31, 2018